We are able to make your ideas come true. Whether it's a personal need or a corporate offer thanks to the combination of the engineering knowledge and craft skills we can make the prototype of your project (from designing, through sample-making, until materializing the product as prototype).
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Custom Order

Do you have a specific requirement or a precise need? We will gladly work with you and help you to create a unique bag or object. In order to create your bespoke item, please contact us.

To make the item you commission even more exclusive, you can buy a specific hide which we will store for you, so that if you commission other items in the future, they can also be made from your very own leather.

Personalizing Models

Make your product as individual and unique as its owner. Current models from the GION collection can be personalised in line with your requirements. A personal monogram can even be burned into the leather. Our sales staff in our shops will be glad to advise you.

Post-Sales Service

Our After-Sales Service is an essential part of the company and its main mission is to prolong the life of existing products. Depending on how they are used and the kind of life they lead, one or the other element may need to be adjusted, repaired of refurbished.


Rózsakert Shopping Center
H-1026 Budapest,
74 Gabor Aron street

Phone: +36 1 391 5895


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